Robert Taylor was born and grew up in Cardiff, South Wales. He married Helen at a young age and they had a son David. He was a family man, and doted on them very much. To provide them all a better life, he studied at Caerleon College and became a teacher of Design and Technology. He was passionate about design, especially homes, gardens, jewellery and Hi-Fi. He also taught himself to play guitar. He was a very good teacher and would go out of his way to help people. He had many interests and when he found something that interested him, he would find out all he could about the subject.

Inspired by his father-in-law, Alan Ward, he bought his first SLR camera. His interest in photography grew from there!

His first teaching job was in Milton Keynes, where he and his family lived for 15 years. He joined Milton Keynes Camera Club and mixing with like minded people, he learnt more about photography, rarely seen outside of work without his camera. He used to develop his own prints, using various techniques, and entered Photographic competitions within the camera club. At that time his favourite work was black and white studio portraits, which he excelled at. Then he bought his first digital camera.

His other interests never took a back seat and he spent many times designing and making jewellery and playing guitar. He was known for singing around the school and was popular with staff and pupils. He became the school photographer for their end of year prom nights, and loved every minute!

In 2002 the family moved back to Wales, where he worked for a while as a supply teacher, then took a permanent post at Llanishen High School. He joined Newport Photographic Club, making more very good friends and his photography improving. He became a wedding photographer, but after a handful of weddings decided that it wasn’t for him.

He loved the outdoors and had many good camping holidays with his wife Helen. His passion for landscapes was fuelled, by the stunning scenery around the UK.

While attending a local camera club he achieved his 'LRPS' with some fantastic photo’s. He bought a new digital camera, and converted his old one to Infra Red. He was very technically minded and was really pleased that it worked.

In December 2007 Rob was diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer. It was to become a very difficult time for him and his family. Throughout the following months of chemotherapy, Rob tried desperately to fight the cancer. He never complained and was so brave. He used this time to do more photography, his last shots taken at Llantwit Major and the Wenallt (bluebell woods). He also found time to teach David guitar. The cancer, however, was very aggressive and the chemotherapy didn’t work. Rob spent the last few weeks at St Annes Hospice in Newport. They were very good to him and the family and we are eternally grateful to all the staff there. Rob was never a religious man, but found his faith during this terrible time. Rob sadly passed away on July 20th 2008, at the age of 46.

R.I.P Rob, you were a kind, loving, gentle, intelligent man, had a brilliant sense of humour and were a brilliant Photographer, Husband and Dad. Never to be forgotten. X

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Robert Taylor, Cardiff, South Wales


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